Restoring Hope for 60 Years

Our mission is to reunite with God, family, and community.

What We Do in Nashville & Memphis

The Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry and Reentry Center serves men and women who are incarcerated, juveniles who are incarcerated, and the children of the incarcerated. Our programs provide those impacted by incarceration with the practical economic and educational support needed to begin again and live a full, productive life after prison. At the same time, TPOM's services also address each program participants' mental health and deeper spiritual needs, restoring their faith and giving them the tools necessary for long-term recovery. With this holistic approach, we seek to break the cycle of generational incarceration and provide hope to the forgotten. Through God's grace, no life is beyond salvation.

Who We Are

Our roots extend back to 1963, when the founders of the ministry, Harold and Helen Cox of the Madison Church of Christ, began volunteering in the Nashville jail. Almost 20 years later, they met Ron Goodman who joined efforts with Harold and Helen in 1984 and together they formed the Nashville Prison Ministry and served as the Directors. In 2013, TPOM transformed into a 501(c)3 non profit under the leadership of current Director Thomas Snow. We are now a collaborative effort of over 500 volunteers and team members, with a full service Reentry Center and two beautiful residential transitional homes for both men and women in Nashville and a transitional home for men in Memphis.

Helen and Harold Cox

Our Team

Thomas Snow

Executive Director

email Thomas

Dr. Cynthia Stewart

Director of Operations

email Cynthia

David Phipps

Spiritual Development

email David

Michelle Kevorkian

Volunteer Coordinator

email Michelle

Randy Halstead

Clinical Director

email Randy

Fred Lopez

Re-Entry Specialist

email Fred

Alice Clark

Recovery Coordinator

email Alice

Reisha Kidd

Case Manager & Community Outreach

email Reisha 

Tommy Gore 

Development Manager

email Tommy

Pamela Walls

Accounting Manager

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Board of Directors

  • Randi Baxter – President
  • Mark Parkey – Vice President
  • Jeff Castle – Treasurer
  • Kimberly McCall – Secretary
  • Steve Church – Member
  • Greg Hardeman – Member
  • James Kelley – Member
  • Walt Leaver – Member
  • Eric Qualls – Member
  • Suzie Smith – Member 
  • Cindy Story – Member

Advisory Board

  • Justin Stinus – Chair
  • John Baxter
  • Eric Beard
  • Zachary Hendrixson
  • Cary McClure
  • Robert McMurry
  • William Murphy
  • Angela Rios
  • Tina Smith
  • Anna Stewart

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