Graduate Spotlight: Bianca Taylor

Tell us how you came to TPOM

One of the teachers in one of the classes told me about TPOM and I decided to apply.

What were some of your concerns when you first arrived?

I was a little overwhelmed for a while about finding a job I could love. I ended up at Chick-fil-A in Melrose and I love it there. The time goes by fast from 6:00-2:00 and I’ve been able to get my 40 hours each week.

How has TPOM been able to help with your reentry?

It’s taken until the last 30 days for me to really open up. I’m thankful that Cynthia and Val have been patient with me. I believe everyone in the house wants to do better mentally and spiritually. We’re learning how to better handle our feelings. The counseling has given me better ways to cope.

What do you think people need to understand about incarceration?

It’s sad, but true that it took going to prison to start working on myself. Every day was a struggle and forced me to say to myself, “Is this the lifestyle I want to live? Stay focused, Briana. Do what’s best for you and your kids.” People are battling their own issues that led to incarceration and they need to understand what’s going on.

What goals do you have for the future?

I hope to stay in Nashville for the opportunities, build my career, stay and prosper. I’ve got a little worry about my next place to live.

 What advice would you give others who are considering the program?

If you’re serious about change, take classes and better yourself. If your serious about change, this is the place to be serious about a plan and work on your self.

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