Graduate Spotlight: Charles English

How did you hear about TPOM?

I first heard about TPOM from David Pell who was accepted to the program. While at Sumner County Jail, I reached out to Thomas Snow. Then when I went to Riverbend, Todd Victor taught Sense of Self and helped me get connected to Thomas and get a bed. I chose TPOM over other programs because it was Christian-based and had the support I was looking for, including getting a job, staying sober, doing meetings, and staying structured.


How did you spend your time while incarcerated?

While in prison, I read my Bible, worked out, tried to be healthy, tried to take as many classes as I could, and tried to stay to myself and out of trouble. 


What is the hardest part of reentry? 

Not being able to leave the county for 90 days and see my family. When you get out, you want to run straight back home, but I’m glad I took it slow. Every day I did something to better myself, including getting my driver’s license back, receiving food stamps, and buying a vehicle.


What has been the best part of reentry? 

Having a stable home, a clean environment, and someone to help you with it and not put you down. I was encouraged by being told “you can do it.” It’s hard work but keep going. Don’t give up.


How has your work experience been?

Great. I got a job and was able to move up from there. I work as a finisher at Kabinart, and I am lead on the line. 


What are your goals for the future?

I want to go to TCAT and get my mechanics license to become a mobile mechanic. I also want to own my own home.


How have you seen yourself grow over the last few months?

Emotionally, I am a lot better. I can take care of myself. I know I don’t want to go backwards or go back to prison. TPOM showed me the right path, and I want to stay on the right path.


What is your advice to people considering the program at TPOM?

Please do it. It’s well worth it. The people are awesome, and the staff is great.

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