Resident Spotlight: Christopher Sinthavong

How did you hear about TPOM?

A fellow inmate gave me a TPOM brochure and I liked what I read. It seemed like the program had what I was looking for.


What concerns did you have when you first arrived?

I was concerned about going back to the old life. But once I met the people here and started the program, it gave me a new outlook on life. I could see the success of the program and started to believe it could help me be successful.


How did your job search go?

I quickly found a job through Industrial that was an assembly job. I like it and I’m working through the 90-day roll-on period to get hired for a permanent position.


What role did spiritual guidance have in your transition?

I read the Bible a lot behind bars. The encouragement to be humble and kind gave me a way to live. It gave me guidance on how to act. I still read the Bible every morning. Often the word hits the spot with exactly what I need.


What goals for the future do you have?

I want to rekindle the relationship with my youngest children and their mother. I know it will take time and I will have to be patient. I want to repair the relationship with my father and he has faced some illness lately. It would be a great weight lifted if I could make that relationship better.


Do you have advice for others preparing for reentry?

Stay on the right track. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your success. Find your spiritual awakening and trust in the Lord. TPOM is a great place and will give you the tools for success and your transition back into society.

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