Graduate Spotlight: Grady Morris

Describe how you heard about TPOM?

I worked in the reentry department at Turney Center, so I handled all the materials and applications as guys were applying to the various reentry programs. TPOM looked like a good choice.

Did you have any concerns when you got here?

I had a little anxiety about the process, but I had spoken with David and Cynthia when they came to Riverbend and I knew what to expect.

How did your work go for you as you got started?

I worked at Slim & Husky’s for 30-40 days and then took a culinary class and worked at my cousin’s restaurant. But my father and brother were barbers and now I’m working at Great Clips cutting hair.

How did TPOM help you while you were in the program?

TPOM helped me to understand I had to acclimate to a whole new environment. The counseling sessions were the most helpful thing. I came to understand that to be successful I had to be focused on myself and to say no to some of the things that others were asking me to do. Healing had to happen in my own life before I started trying to take care of everybody else.

What advice do you have for others who might be thinking about reentry?

I hope people will strongly consider coming to TPOM. Take advantage of all the resources there, use your networking opportunities, and pursue the possibilities that you discover. I would tell people in the program to SAVE MONEY and avoid the temptation to spend it all as you make it. You’re going to need it. TPOM is a great place to start.


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