Transformation starts inside

Our spiritual and educational programs provide hope and guidance to thousands of incarcerated men and women across Tennessee, sowing the seeds for a successful life after prison.

Northeast Correctional Complex

NewLife behavior classes

NewLife behavior courses taught by competent TPOM volunteers can help you work through many difficult issues affecting your life. Courses offered include parenting, substance abuse, attitudes, anger management, and many others.

Individual mentoring

Through TPOM or other organizations at your facility, you can meet one-on-one with a caring volunteer who will help you grow spiritually, mentally, and socially - preparing you to successfully reunite with God, family, and community.

Thomas Snow
Sumner County Jail

Sunday worship

We believe that successful reformation starts within. To address this, we offer Sunday worship services at multiple correctional facilities across Tennessee. Our holistic approach seeks to heal spiritual wounds and provide hope to those who are incarcerated. Prison is not an environment that supports positive rehabilitation or recovery. By offering a nurturing, Christian community to people behind bars, we restore their Faith in God and themselves.

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