Graduate Spotlight: Macara Page

Tell us how you came to TPOM.

I looked at the applications for several different programs, but I heard a lot of good things about TPOM. I was told that the staff were good people and would really help you get on your feet. When I came, I found that was true.

What were some of your concerns when you first arrived?

At first, I was scared to death and really nervous. When I think about where I came from to where I’ve grown to, I am so amazed. They really do love you here and care about you. I’m glad I picked this program.

How has your work experience been?

I work at Kabinart as some of the others have. I’ve moved up, I’m an inspector now, and I just love my job.

How has TPOM been helpful with your reentry?

Once I started working, I calmed down. Reisha (and others) lifted me up. The meetings helped a lot because I was hearing from others who want to make it.

What do people need to understand about incarceration?

You have to close off the outside to make it on the inside. It’s just a whole different world. You can’t control what’s going on on the outside. I just learned to do what I was supposed to do, avoid causing problems, and do my time.

What goals do you have for the future?

My dad gave me some tough love when I needed it, but he visited recently and can see this place has changed me for the better. Now I want to go to my dad’s, then get a place and eventually get my kids back. I’ll get a job, go back to get my G.E.D., and go from there. I’ll find an AA group to help me stay on track and I want to find a good counselor. I’ve loved mine at TPOM and she was a big help.

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