Graduate Spotlight: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (no, not the basketball legend!) graduated from our reentry program in May. He entered the house in February and stayed focused throughout his time in the program. He did what was asked of him and worked hard. Michael graduated from the Goodwill Construction Training Program and got a job. His employer recognized his efforts and offered him a raise after only a couple of months! Michael used to sell drugs which he says was easy money, but now he feels good about working for what he has. 

His time at TPOM wasn’t without hardship. Towards the beginning of his stay in the house, he lost a close friend, and his case manager and counselor helped him during that time of grief. He also credits TPOM with helping him get situated before being back out on his own. He was able to get clothes, food, an ID, and a phone to get started. 

Now that he has graduated, he lives in North Nashville and is excited to be able to work more hours at his job. His future goals include getting his driver’s license, a car, a business license, and a cosmetology license.

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