A new beginning

Our reentry services give returning citizens the support they need to make the most of their second chance.

Women's Transitional House

Nashville & Memphis Transitional Homes

We have two beautiful transitional facilities in Nashville for both men and women leaving incarceration. We operate a 10 bed facility for men in Memphis. Both the men's and the women's homes in Nashville are able to accommodate 16 residents and have the approval of the Tennessee Department of Correction. You can download a pdf of our application, print and scan back to office@tnprisonministry.org for consideration.

Career support

Outside of spiritual health, gaining successful employment is one of the most important factors for successful reentry. We have an excellent track record of preparing returning citizens for successful employment. Our reentry center offers job readiness, educational, and vocational courses. With many contacts of employers, we are able to provide job placement. We are able to assist over 90% of our members in securing a job within ten days. Our participant's average starting salary is $15.50 per hour.

Fred Lopez
Randy Halstead

Licensed mental health services

Individual, marital, and family counseling is available to all of our residents and their families. TPOM is a state-certified mental health service provider.

Case management

We help our residents obtain proper identification and clothing, establish bank accounts, and receive needed medical and dental care. We also assist our residents in developing exit plans and determine housing options as they prepare to leave following graduation from our program.

Cynthia Stewart
Tommy Gore

Individual mentoring

Through TPOM or other organizations at your facility, you can meet one-on-one with a caring volunteer who will help you grow spiritually, mentally, and socially - preparing you to successfully reunite with God, family, and community.

Christian community

We are striving to build a Christian community through weekly worship each Sunday at the reentry center. Meal at 4:15pm, Worship at 5pm. Churches are needed to help provide meals. The meal and worship time is open to all.

Rodney and Murphy

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