Successful Second Chances

TPOM is here to walk with you during your transition from incarceration to independence. Many of our graduates have reunited with their families and successfully maintained meaningful employment and sobriety. We hope their stories give you hope and inspiration.

Graduate Spotlight: Chadesha Jones

Chadesha shares her story of reentry and how TPOM supported her journey.

Graduate Spotlight: Charles English

Charles English graduated in January and shared some of his story.

Graduate Spotlight: Grady Morris

Grady shares his story of how he learned of TPOM and what he learned while at TPOM.

Graduate Spotlight: Melissa Lopez

Melissa recently graduated from TPOM and continues to make important achievements. Melissa is highly motivated and extremely talented.

Graduate Spotlight: Alisha Scales

As Alisha prepares to move out of the women's house, she discusses her experiences at TPOM and her plan for the future.

Graduate Spotlight: Pebbles Garner

Pebbles shares about her new life in Christ and her commitment to help others experience the same.

Graduate Spotlight: John Carter

John shares his experiences of a new life after 42 years in prison.

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