To Dream

One of the great blessings of TPOM is to see the lives that are transformed on a daily basis. Our program transforms the lives of men and women who come in with hopes and dreams of a life much better than one being addicted to drugs and living on the streets or enduring days that seem to pass so slowly in a dreary and a small prison cell. A cell for two people that is around 80 square feet takes the concept of a tiny home to a new level.  Being in prison is a very dark place with little hope and often limited opportunities for learning new ways to have a better life.

Prisons today are also filled with drugs and violence. Gang activity generates attacks on officers and other inmates that become all too routine. Fatal drug overdoses and suicide continue to plague the prison system. Those who want to better themselves are often trapped with limited opportunities to attend classes and programs because the prison is constantly on lockdown because of violence. These men and women dream about the day that they will obtain their freedom.

On the day of their release and when they first arrive at TPOM, a broad smile is on their face. They are thrilled that their dream to be free has come true. While they often have anxiety about life on the outside, they arrive with further dreams of a new beginning. Their personal goals include finding a job, opening a bank account, regaining their driver’s license, rebuilding the relationship with their family, and finding stable housing upon graduation. 

Yet, achieving all of these dreams would not be possible without your support through your donations and volunteer service. What you do to assist TPOM is actually helping a resident to achieve their own personal dreams. When that occurs, we are changing lives and making our communities a better place to live. 

This year, our Benefit Dinner on October 5, the personal testimonies, and the video that will be shown, will all be focused on the dreams of our residents and how you can help them to make those dreams a reality. At the end of the day, our life will not be measured in how much we accumulate for ourselves, but in how much we share with the marginalized with our time–words of encouragement, service, and support. I hope that  you are looking forward to this event and that you will continue to believe in the men and women of TPOM.

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